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 If you are gasping for pure mountain air and a few day stay in quiet , calm destination, there is no better option than renting some charming chalet far from big cities’ hustle and bustle and crowds of tourists. If You are longing for the Rocky Mountains’ climate and amazing views then Electric Mountain Lodge is a perfect place for you.

Excellent connection between the chalet and Denver as well as many different very touristic resorts makes a stay in Electric Mountain Lodge very comfortable. Indeed, many can say the lodge is located in the middle of nowhere but this is all about it. The quite surrounding, closeness of nature, silence around you are what many people are searching for.

The building was build in 2004 and since then it has been extended continuously. The object is located in the central part of the Southwest Colorado, in Bayfield. Our offer includes 24h open swimming pool that our guests can use free of charge as often as they like during the stay in the lodge.

The Ice in the town center.
The Ice in the town center.

Also, during cold evenings you may hang out in the sauna and jacuzzi. At your request our massage therapists are ready to give you the best massages ever. Over 70 accommodation rooms are available for rent. The suites are luxurious and well adjusted to the needs of families as well as singles. No matter if you’re going to Bayfield on holiday with your kids or want to spend a romantic weekend with your other part by twos, Electric Mountain Lodge has much to offer for everyone.

Also, if you are kind of loner there are also rooms kind of studio for singles. Each an every suite has its own bathroom and balcony. Moreover, each room is well-equipped with mini-bar. Of course you can use free internet throughout the whole lodge.