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A Few Words About The Town

Bayfield is a lovely place located in the centre of Southwest Colorado. The place is not a crowded tourist destination. It is inhabited by a little over two thousand people only what makes the place a super-calm and silent one, perfect for those who hold silence in high regard.

The name of the town was derived from W. A. Bay who was Bayfield’s founder. Total area of the town amounts to a little over 1 square mile which is almost 3 square km. The area is really amazing. However it is not cheap either. This is one of the main reasons why Bayfield is not a popular tourist destination. However, it is often visited by many celebrities.

However, every year the town heads many great festivals and events. Among others there is one really popular happening loved especially by those with a sweet tooth - Bayfield’s annual Chocolate and Candy Festival. This sweet culinary event offers participants a chance to try everything that made of chocolate and sugar. There is o need to mention how many children this event gathers but well, not only children.

Families with kids and with no kids mass every first Monday of January to celebrate this super-sweet event that has been holding since 1956 when the town was declared The American Sweetest Place. That was due to the amount of pastry and chocolate shops within the town of Bayfield.

Indeed, many years ago, the whole Southwestern part of Colorado was known for a chocolate industry. The chocolate and sugar articles made in Bayfield were distributed in the whole America and across western Europe. Over time, the chocolate activity was falling down, down and finally the sweet tradition of sweets manufacturing has almost disappeared.

Southwest Colorado during Winter looks fabulous.
Southwest Colorado during Winter looks fabulous.

The Chocolate and Candy Festival was bringing less and less people together. Everything changed when the new mayor was elected in 1985. Mark Evans- the mayor of that time started some kind of encouraging policy towards the chocolate traditions restitution. Indeed, local people almost forgot what they used to be known for in the world! Thanks to Evans, we can still enjoy delicious, hand-made sweets by our local manufacturers.

Anyways, not only January is a good time to visit Bayfield. The town is so magical place throughout the year that every season is great to visit us.

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