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The Festival Of Beer In Bayfield

You better save the date September 25-28, 2016 because just then the whole town of Bayfiels will be under the spell of avid beer drinker from all over the world! We are super stoked to announce that just in few weeks our charming resort will change into the world center of beer.

It doesn't matter whether you are a beer person or not, nobody should miss this event. Well we couldn't imagine better moment for the beer festival then September. This is just in September our sweet town is gonna observe its 350th birthday! Indeed! Bayfield is an old village with a long long history that is really worth knowing.

However, coming back to the most important happening of the year – The Festival of Beer it is really huge event. Thouhg the tickets are pretty expensive (the cost is about $140) they are usually sold out a few months before. That's true, it is not so easy to get the ticket. Most of people book a long time before, even at the begining of the year!

Obviously, the beer fest in Bayfield is not just a festival of beer. The event is very attractive regarding different aspects as well. Even thoownsse who don't like drinking beer at all find the happenning very interesting and worth visiting. Every year, the festival is featured by many awesome concerts. There is a group of great people scheduling line up every time.

The Festival of Beer in Bayfield, September 2014
The Festival of Beer in Bayfield, September 2014

This year participating in the fest you will have the opportunity to experience gigs of the most popular stars of the last decade! Katie Perry, M.I.A., Jessie J., Alvaro Soler and many many more. If such line-up doesn't convince you, then you should know that the festival is also an opportunity to try really good food. Yes! On the fest camp, there are always field kitchen of the best local restaurants. Many compare The Festival of Beer in Bayfield with the Coachella! Not without a reason.

Bayfield is very popular winter destination among celebrities. It is not a croeded place but hanging out there you may be sore you will meet there such persons like Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Seal, Sia and many more. However, this is also widely known that Beyfield is Rihanna's favourite winter resort.

If you're not convinced yet whether to book ticket know chceck out the pictures from the past.