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Zakopane tour and Krakow walking tour

In our last post we had mentioned about two wonderful cities in Poland - Zakopane and Krakow. They are kind of small but still, they attractc millions of tourists every year. In fact, they have a lot in common with Electrict Mountain Lodge. How could it be? It's true, that they are located not in the middle of nowhere. Althought, it is really easy to find on Zakopane tour very calm and quiet spots, far from bustle and crowds of tourists. If you visit southern Poland, you should definitely go on Zakopane tour, as well as Krakow walking tour. During the winter season these places are really charming and have a lot of attractions to offer. Make sure to reserve for yorself at least two weeks to fully discover them.

Zakopane tour

Zakopane tour will let you enjoy skiing among the beautiful surroundings of the Tatra mountains. It has a lot of mountain trails to offer as well. However, you need to be very careful if you visit Zakopane and you are heading the tracks by your own. It's better to take an experienced guide that will safely take you through the track. During the Zakopane tour you can discover the quintessence of the Polish folk culture. There are plenty of traditional musicians on the streets and inside restaurants as well. What's more, you will find a lot of artists doing handicrafts. It's a pity to visit Zakopane and not to buy some of their amazing handmade masterpieces. Another thing is the traditional Polish food. You can find products that are really classics, especially cheeses. Oscypek is the most popular one in the southern Poland and it is made from cow's, goat's or sheep's milk. The best way to get there is to take the Zakopane tour from Krakow. You can find very good offers with professional, English speaking guides and comfortable vehicles. This is also great opportunity to visit Krakow – another 'must see' in Poland.

Zakopane Tatatra Mountains
If you visit Zakopane in winter, you can see this view every morning

Krakow walking tour

We can recommend you from experience to explore this city street by street. That is because its diversity in such a small place. The best way to do that is to take a Krakow walking tour with KrakowDirect. It will let you walk through the city and carefully observe how it changes in different district. The first stop is, of course, Krakow old town. The beautiful heart of the city is hard to ommit, that's why it is really crowded as well. However, it's totally worth to see and feel the atmosphere of the old King's City. If you generally avoid big crowds, don't worry – the Krakow walking tour will take you to other districts as well. These are Kazimierz, Podgorze and Nowa Huta – each of them one of its kind. During the whole day of walking you can discover plenty of interesting places – the famous ones as well as more quiet and hidden.

Krakow old town
Karkow walking tour starts in the main square, near the famous Basilic

These two cities are real daisies in the southern Poland. Zakopane tour from Krakow takes about 1,5h and is available through the whole year. We recommend, subjectively, to visit Zakopane during the winter time. However, it's only a matter of taste and probably the best way to choose is to try both seasons.